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The journey of life is full of challenges not to be taken for granted... but to be faced with courage and fortitude. In fact, every moment presents itself with an opportunity so that we strive to make a difference, to make life more meaningful and gratifying . That's exactly the principle on which Neuro Foundation in Salem was started in 2011, to make a difference in people's lives by delivering hope with a healing touch so that good health is not taken for granted... Read more


My Father Mr.Chinnasamy was unconsicous and under the local doctors advice we took him to Neuro Foundation . As soon we reached, the doctor and others took much care and he was scanned to identify the problem, with the scanning report, he was kept in ICU for treatment. Thrombolysis was done immediately. After few hours his health condition improved slowly, after about 2 -3 hours duration, he became conscious. We were very happy to see him and we all felt that we got him again. After 2 days in ICU he was shifted to room. He was given very good treatment. The doctor, staff nurse and others shared their work with smile. Now we are leaving this hospital with full satisfaction.


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My mother was admitted in serious condition in your hospital on 27.04.2015. She was affected by Stroke. Immediately the doctors administered “Thrombolysis” at right time to my mother. So that my mother recovered from the stroke and came back to normal health condition within 24 hours. Now she is fine. We are very happy and thankful to your hospital especially Dr.Puneeth, C.S., Dr.C.Bhaskar and Dr.R.Natarajan. We appreciate your staff members for rendering their services at right manner and satisfactory. We hope that you are proving Neuro Foundation is first and best hospital in Salem and playing vital role in health services.


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Dr.S.Puneeth is an asset to the Hospital. The way he interacts with the patient, his approach, his kindness, compassion, humanity and above all precise prognosis and diagnosis, proper prescription of medicines all are very excellent.



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The service is good and I wish the same from you in the upcoming days. Also update as per the growth of science.


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