Neurology Play

Neurology is a branch of medicine deals with disorders of the nervous system and relies heavily on the field of Neuroscience which is the scientific study of the nervous system.

Neurological disorders can affect the Central Nervous system (i.e) Brain and Spinal Cord, peripheral nervous system, autonomic nervous system and the muscular system.

Neurology Services are treated at our Hospital:

  • Acute Stroke : 24hrs IV Thrombolysis, Endovascular, Intra Arterial thrombolysis, Mechanical thrombectomy and Carotid Endartectomy
  • Epilepsy
  • Movement Disorder
  • Degenerative Disorders
  • Child Neurology
  • Developmental Neurology
  • Behavioural Neurology
  • Headache
  • Immunoglobulins and Plasmapheresis for Demyelination and Multiple Sclerosis

Golden Hour Care for Stroke


Everyone is aware about heart attack, not many know there is an attack of the brain which is becoming a common lifestyle disease. The Brain Attack / Stroke is worse than the heart attack as it can impair speech, ability to swallow a n d l o s s o f l imb s movements.

Lifestyle change is easily said than done, brain related disease is not wished away and is tackled with better treatment.

 Besides timely treatment, a Comprehensive Stroke care with various specialities and good nursing care is vital to decrease morbidity and mortality of victims.  

At Neuro Foundation, Acute Stroke Care Unit has made prevention of complications of Stroke and Post Stroke Rehabilitation Units help in regaining normal functioning of the body and employability.

Neuro Foundation, with its commitment to the society in offering advanced Neuro Care has complete facility incorporating Preventive Stroke Programme, Acute Stroke Unit (Stroke ICU), Neuro Cath Lab for Thrombolysis, Mechanical clot removal from the blood vessels of Brain, coiling for aneurysms and Post Stroke Rehabilitation Program.

A new hope for stroke patients

Stroke ICU

Thrombolysis and Vascular Intervention

Thrombolysis and Vascular Intervention

Epilepsy Care Play

Neurologists and Neurosurgeons work together to determine the best recommendation for each patient's individual situation.

 Epilepsy is a complex problem to treat in patients whose seizures aren't controlled by antiepileptic medication. In such cases epilepsy surgery offers the possibility of seizure control.  

The team at Neuro Foundation is highly skilled and does brain surgery on a regular basis and treat patients with seizure disorders that were unresponsive to medications using advance techniques such as invasive surgical techniques, which help in performing epilepsy surgeries through smaller incisions, resulting in less discomfort and faster recovery.

Neurologists and Neuro surgeons work together to determine the best recommendation for each patient's individual situation.

Our advanced brain imaging options make it possible to precisely locate seizure focal areas before and during surgery, resulting in the best treatment outcomes for our patients.

Diagnosing Epilepsy :

  • EEG (Electroencephalography)
  • Brain Imaging for Epilepsy
  • Video EEG

Epilepsy Treatment:

  • Epilepsy Medications
  • Nerve stimulation
  • Epilepsy Surgery

The speciality of Neurology department has 24hrs acute Stroke Care including Thrombolysis and Vascular intervention.