Biochemistry Laboratory

Neuro Chemistry

Clinical  Biochemistry

  • Routine blood tests- Glucose, Liver Function tests, Renal function tests, Lipid profile,
  • Electrolytes, Calcium, Phosphorus, Uric acid,
  • CSF   and body fluid analysis.
  • Enzyme assays- CPK, LDH, Lipase, Alpha amylase, Testosterone, Pseudocholiesterase
  • Hormonal assays-TSH, T3, T4,Free T3, Free T4,LH, FH HCG,
  • Cardiac markers- CPK,  CPK MB, TroponinT
  • Tumour markers- Alphe feto protein, CEA, PSA
  • Arterial blood gas  analysis+
  • Procalcitonin

Internal quality control

The laboratory participates in internal quality control programme by BIO RAD for clinical biochemistry.

External Quality Assessment-EQAS

The laboratory participates in EQAS programme for Biochemistry  run by Christian Medical College, Vellore to ensure good quality.


  • Automated clinical chemistry analyzer.
  • Ion selective electrode analyzer.
  • Semi auto analyzer.
  • VIDAS analyzer using EIFA technique.
  • Arterial Blood Gas analyzer

Automated clinical chemistry analyzer

Arterial Blood Gas analyzer

Ion selective electrode analyzer

VIDAS Analyzer