Microbiology Laboratory

Neurofoundation laboratory services have been established to provide an effective service in the surveillance, prevention, control, diagnosis and management of diseases which is an essential part of a functional health service. Our laboratory services has an essential role in screening for ill health ,assessing response to treatment and increasing the accuracy of disease diagnosis. We provide an appropriate, affordable, reliable and standardized diagnostic service in the fields of Neuromicrobiology, Neurochemistry and Neuropathology. Our laboratory is equipped with the state of art equipments with an excellent infra structure. and highly qualified health professionals. The laboratory functions round the clock providing the service 24 hours a days for both inpatients and outpatients. We have qualified consultant Microbiologist & consultant Pathologist and well trained technical to carry out the quality diagnostic work so as to ensure a precise and accurate report. We practice integrated quality assurance system by performing internal quality control and participating in external quality assurance programme. Laboratories have a well coordinated interaction with the clinicians which helps to provide a world class utmost care for the patients.

Neuro Microbiology

Diagnostic Services

Bacteriology Laboratory

  • Bacterial culture and sensitivity for urine, blood, pus, endotracheal aspirate ,CSF and body fluids
  • Gram stain
  • Ziehl Neelsen staining for Mycobacterium tuberculosis
  • Anaerobic culture

Serology And Immunology Laboratory

  • HBSAg
  • HCV
  • HIV
  • ASO
  • CRP
  • RA
  • DENGUE, CHIKUNGUNYA-IgM and IgG antibodies
  • RPR

Mycology Laboratory

  • KOH Mount
  • India Ink Preparation
  • Fungal culture

Hospital Infection Surveillance And Control Activities

  • Monitoring of patients with health care associated infection
  • Environmental monitoring include Surveillance of operation theatre every month, surveillance of critical areas like ICU, CATH lab &wards every week
  • CSSD monitoring using chemical and biological indicators
  • Bacteriological analysis of drinking water
  • Bacteriological analysis of dialysis water
  • Antimicrobial susceptibility monitoring
  • Investigating outbreaks

 There is a Hospital infection control committee which is an integral component of health care facility for establishing and maintaining infection prevention and control .The committee comprises of Managing Director, Microbiologist, Intensivists, Physicians, Surgeons, infection control nurses and support services lie OT, CSSD, Housekeeping, Pharmacist, store officer in the hospital to formulate and approve the infection control policy. Continuous training programmes are being organized for hospital staff on health care associated infections and infection control practices.

External Quality Assessment-Eqas

The laboratory participates in EQAS programme  for microbiology run by Indian Association of Medical Microbiology at Sankar Nethralaya, Chennai to ensure good quality

Outsourcing Special Tests

Special tests like GENEXPERT for tuberculosis, Molecular diagnostic tests are outsourced to high quality accreditated laboratories.

Future Scope

  1. Heading towards National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories to maintain quality and competence in the laboratory.
  2. To establish molecular diagnostic laboratory for detection of Pathogens.





Binocular microscopes




Digital Bacteriological Incubator


Digital Hot air oven


Electronic balance


Laminar flow cabinet




Water bath

Digital Bacteriological Incubator

Laminar Flow Cabinet



10% KOH MOUNT of pus from brain abscess showing septate hHyphae.

Sabouraud dextrose agar showing olivaceous grey coloured colonies of Cladophialophora bantiana from Brain abscess

Gram stain of CSF showing pus cells with Gram positive cocci in clusters

Gram stain of CSF showing pus cells with Gram negative bacilli