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Welcome to Neuro Foundation

We, at “Neuro Foundation” assure you of our constant commitment and passion to Neurosciences.

Dr.R. Natarajan

Neuroscience has come of age in India and we, in Salem are proud to commence a Super Speciality Hospital, committed to Neuro Sciences.

Technology has enabled us to clearly delineate anatomical structures, define pathologies even to molecular level, to make early diagnosis easy. Simultaneously, therapeutics have advanced such that Brain & Spine Tumors can be excised safely, Victims of Head Injury can be put back to their previous occupational and social levels, Strokes can be cleared if Patient presents to the hospital early, by vascular interventions, Epilepsy can be treated effectively, all with no permanent disability or mortality.

All these require advanced gadgets like Operating Microscopes, Neuro Endoscopes, Stereotaxy, CT& MRI imaging systems, Intelligent operating rooms, dedicated Neuro Critical Care unit with facilities for Real time brain physiology monitoring, so that the treatment can be precisely tailored to the need of the patient along with focused, educated Neuro Nursing Staffs and Neuro Rehabilitation Team.

Our motive was to bring all these together under one roof so that the patient benefits by the knowledge, technology and passionate care, that too in a rural area.

We have taken balanced decisions on the structure and facilities in the hospital so that it can handle effectively in a professional manner, “the Diagnosis, Neuro Critical Care, Neurology, Neurological surgery and Mental Health needs of patients” at par with any major Neuroscience hospital in this country.

Dr.R. Natarajan - M.Ch., (Neuro), Managing Director
Dr.R. Natarajan Sign