Hospital Overview

The journey of life is full of challenges not to be taken for granted but to be faced with courage and fortitude. In fact, every moment presents itself with an opportunity so that we strive to make a difference, to make life more meaningful and gratifying.

That’s exactly the principle on which Neuro Foundation in Salem was started in 2011, to make a difference in people’s lives by delivering hope with a healing touch so that good health is not taken for granted.
NeuroFoundation a dedicated Neuro speciality hospital is truly an epitome of exceptionally committed doctors. State of the art medical facilities and western class medical practices combined with an integrated team of Neuro specialists work round the clock to treat brain tumors, spinal Injuries, stroke, epilepsy and other neurological disorders with a healing touch that matters. Through its Focused clinical Services, Neuro Foundation promises prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation for any neurological and spinal disorder at affordable costs.

An acute stroke care unit is established comprising of a dedicated stroke ICU and Cath Lab for effective management of stroke. With a multi disciplinary approach, appropriate medication and customised therapy sessions are accorded to empower every individual regain and maintain optimal health. Advanced imaging technologies enable Neuro specialists to diagnose symptoms of back pain, spinal disorders and decide on the course of treatment.

Complex brain surgeries are carried out using minimally invasive surgical techniques to provide safety and faster recovery for patients. The Epilepsy care unit constantly monitors patients through doctors and nurses to prevent emergencies arising out of negligence.

Endoscopic Brain & Spine Surgeries and Brain Angiography is a speciality at Neuro Foundation; hitherto rare in very many renowned and leading hospitals. The hospital handles complex mental health cases with the able assistance of a psychiatric department that plays a vital role in Neuro rehabilitation.

The 100 bed hospital has clean and hygienic rooms, designed to provide comfort, safety and privacy to patients. A sophisticated in house kitchen caters to the healthy dietary needs of patients.
Neuro Foundation has had several proud moments in its meaningful journey… with Prof. Satish Chandra, Director & Vice Chancellor of NIMHANS, Bangalore, gracing the inauguration ceremony and former president of India Late Dr. Abdul Kalam, visiting the hospital to shower his blessings and wishes.

With a 24×7 accident and emergency care is supported by the allied services of General Medicine, General Surgery, Nephrology, Urology, Plastic Surgery and Orthopaedics; Neuro Foundation Speciality Hospital at Salem offers the best available therapy for diseases of the brain, spine and nervous system disorders at marches ahead with humility providing help to humanity to the healing touch at affordable cost.

Truly making a difference in health care

Neuro Foundation is for people who:

  • Requires expert care for a complex challenging neurological disorders of Brain, Spine and Peripheral Nervous System
  • Seek holistic approach to medical care
  • Looks for the  best convenience and services
  • Desire affordability but still expect specialists, evidence based care in the world class facility.
  • Wants Best amenities and high levels of Nursing care.