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Neuro Nursing Department

The department of Nursing Service at Neuro Foundation is the biggest and plays a vital role in enabling “Competent, Compassionate, Knowledgeable and professional” health care delivery to all. The total staff strength is over 100; and many are involved in various committees and departments of the hospital. The nursing service department continually educates and trains the nurses; thereby enabling them to provide “quality care” to individuals of all ages, with an aim to promote health and prevent illness; to restore health and alleviate suffering.

In recent times; the Nursing profession has seen significant change; so there is always a need to keep pace with the challenges put forth to the healthcare industry. At Neuro Foundation, the nurses are trained to not only execute the directions of a doctor; but also use theory and research based knowledge to provide direct and indirect care to the individuals and families.

The Nurses at Neuro Foundation play a fundamental role in fulfilling the Hospital’s mission which is “To Provide Scientific, Ethical and Quality Health Care”.

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  • Deliver high standards of Quality care
  • Conduct regular in-service education program
  • Offer 1 week induction program for all the newly recruited Staff Nurse.
  • Monitor deficiencies in in-patient care areas through Audits , feedbacks and small projects
  • Maintain safe and happy working conditions for Nurses.
  • Health education to the patient and attenders.

Performance Indicators

  • Qualitative/ Comprehensive care to the patient.
  • Care based on the patient needs.
  • Pressure sore assessment & progress following care
  • Nursing process documentation
  • Pain assessment
  • Staff satisfaction
  • Basic Nursing care audit
  • Hand Hygiene
  • Waste disposal & general survey
  • Survey on drug returned from in-patient area.
  • Intravenous infusion site care.

Neuro Care

  • Nurses are the key care givers in the hospitals they can significantly influence the quality of care provided and ultimately, treatment and patient outcomes.
  • Neuro Science Nurses play a part in assessing and diagnosing and treating patient’s that are suffering from neurological problems.
  • The Neuro Science Nurses will often perform thorough physical examinations of patient’s as well as study their medical histories and discuss symptoms.
  • Neurological Nurses should also understand and interpret CT and MRI as well.
  • For instance, they may help administer, medication or even assist during surgery. There nurses will also help their patient’s management and live with their disabilities.
  • Neuro Science Nurses must have excellent critical thinking skills of each patient will respond differently to therapics and treatments.
  • They also have many way to helping encouraging both patient’s and families to improve outcome.
  • Long time care with no bed sore.
  • All staffs are well trained for CVP and ICP monitoring.

Staff Welfare Activities

  • CNE - Continuing Nursing Education.
  • Annual Departmental Retreats
  • Counseling: A full time counselor is available for the nursing staff who visits every department for counseling as required. Orients new nurses during the induction program.
  • Adequate material resources at all times.