Hospital Overview

Pain Management

Interventional Pain Medicine

AIPM aim at providing non surgical minimally invasive solution to acute and chronic pain conditions that are not cured by oral medications. It is a newer speciality of pain management where patients are treated by various modes likes prolotherapy, plasma rich protein injections etc.

Knee pain - Arthritis of knee joint


  • a.Synovial replacement therapy
  • b. Prolotherapy
  • c. PRP treatment
  • d. Ozone therapy
  • e. Genicular branch block
  • f. Advanced orthotics



  • a.Trigger point block

Shoulder problems & Frozen shoulder


  • a.Supracapsular nerve block
  • b.Prolotherapy

Neck pain, Back pain & Sciatica


  • a.Myofascial release
  • b.Trigger point injections
  • c.Nerve root block
  • d.Facet joint injection
  • f.Special spinal orthotics

Heel pain


  • a.Intralesional injection
  • b.Footwear modifications

Tennis elbow & Golfer's elbow


  • a.PRP
  • b.Exercises
  • c.Physiotherapy / Orthotics

Advantages of IPM

  • Day Care - No Admission
  • No surgery
  • No anesthesia
  • Reduce / Stop pain medicines
  • Fast recovery
  • Early return to work
  • Better Quality of life