Video Consultation

COVID-19, a communicable disease, has instilled fears in the minds of the community because of severe morbidity, mortality and efficacy of high transmission. Therefore, anxiety to self-infection and passing the infection to friends, families and co-workers emerges as an emergency. The constant fears of getting the infection also lead to the development of mental stress. People with an already existing mental health condition may feel even more distressed, and there can be an increase in their problems.

  • Reducing immediate distress
  • Normalize the worry and developing healthy ways of addressing worry
  • Take constructive steps towards solving life problems
  • Increase supportive communication in relationships
  • Help individuals cope better with their life challenges
  • Generate a sense of realistic hope
  • Encouraging safety, health and hygiene

How Our Online Psychologist will help?

A psychologist is specialized in behavioural study along with processes of the mind. It is inclusive of cognitive and emotional processes. An online psychologist can help you manage and learn to understand different issues in life and mental health problems. Moreover, a psychologist can diagnose and treat some learning disorders, behaviour issues, addiction, and mental disorders.

You can seek help from psychologists if you are trying to recover from trauma, loss of a loved one, chronic anxiety, depressive symptoms, overthinking or negative thinking patterns, etc.

WHY SHOULD YOU SEE A Psychotherapist?

At one point or another in our lives, we all experience stress, anxiety, mood swings, and other forms of emotional distress. Whether it's due to a professional backlash, rejection, financial issues, relationships, personal loss, or some other cause. Most of the time, eventually, we can bounce back. But when it goes beyond it can lead to serious emotional problems, anxiety, depression, and a slew of other illnesses, and it's not something that should be taken lightly. Some life issues may feel tolerable while others may feel overwhelming and unmanageable. Regardless of the intensity, severity, and frequency of our problem, no problem is too small or too big for therapy to not benefit.

Therapy will help you develop new coping mechanisms for handling current and potential challenges. Coping strategies are the purposeful efforts you are making to control and minimize stress.

Therapy can broaden your perspective and distance yourself from your problem, help you approach, and eventually overcome the stressor affecting your wellbeing.

Express Consultation

  • 30 minutes Telephonic consultation with our Clinical Psycologists
  • We help you understand the conflicts and suggest easy scientific methods to handle the problems by yourself comfortably
  • Telephonic counselling for coping with mental health issues due to covid 19 pandemic
  • Helps you to deal with your stress effectively through coping strategies, counselling and therapies.

Unfold Yourself

  • 30 minutes Telephonic consultation with our Clinical Psycologists
  • We understand your problem and help you scientifically

Holistic Counselling

  • Five sessions of one hour video consultations with a host of supportive Counselling and therapy