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Sports medicine encompasses fields such as sports physical assessment, sports performance enhancement, sports psychology, sports nutrition, genetics, On field injury management, which are important pillars in building an athletes’ future. Currently athletic trainers and coaches themselves play a vital role in managing an athlete thereby dividing their focus in all such avenues which adds burden to their curriculum.

A properly designed and dedicated sports medicine team can be of valuable additional support to the sports team by handling all such issues in a scientific and practical manner.

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Physical assessment – pre-participation evaluation

Every individual athlete undergoes a thorough medical examination in which valuable Family history details and medical records of the particular athlete are documented in a systematic way which brings to light any hidden medical disorder which can potentially threaten the athletes’ performance and future. The physician examines the particular athlete in an elaborate fashion which includes all the vital systems such as cardiac, respiratory, musculoskeletal and nervous system. Gender determination is a part of pre-participation evaluation.

Sports performance enhancement

Conditioning of the athlete to the demands of the particular game and preparing him or her with a gruelling schedule of practice, both physical and mental, utilising the services of biomechanical experts and physiotherapists in providing subtle changes in the techniques of play, can to a large extent, lead to the improvement in the standards of the individual players.

Sports psychology

Assessing the optimal zone of functionality of each individual athlete, providing them emotional support in times of repeated failures, priming them to accept both victories and defeats gracefully, providing individual attention to female athletes who may present with complains of gender discrimination, sexual misbehaviour by fellow athletes and coaches, treating problems of drug abuse by athletes, promoting discipline and sportsmanship within the team membersare essential in the bigger stage.

Sports nutrition

Every sport has its own demands and risks. Every athlete needs a specialised diet plan which suits his/ her individual needs according to the sport. A carbohydrate rich meal is essential a few days prior to endurance sports such as Marathon, Cycling, Pentathlon, Decathlon etc. A protein rich meal is essential to enhance injury repair by the body post-exercise and post-play. Scientifically nutritional supplements and performance enhancing supplements play a very less vital role in the making of an elite athlete.

Sports genetics

A swab of the oral mucosa can provide an in-depth insight into the DNA profile of a particular sportsperson which can highlight the cardiovascular, respiratory, muscular make up of themselves, which can be of valuable help in tailoring the individual’s training schedule, injury prevention and performance enhancement. It can also provide valuable clues about the type of sports injuries the particular person can sustain in the future.

The Department of Sports Medicine at Neuro foundation comprises of an

  • Orthopaedic expert
  • Rehabilitation Medicine- Physician,
  • Sports Physiologist
  • Sports Physiotherapist
  • Sports Nutritionist
  • Trauma trained Nursing staff who can assist in all sports emergencies on the playing field
  • Which completes the necessary requirements and is exactly the need of the hour.

We provide

  • On field injury management
  • Ambulance facility in case of Grievous injuries
  • Advanced life support and Hospital based treatment
  • Monthly scheduled educational sessions for athletes and coaches
  • Regular physiotherapist sessions ( Gender specific if necessary)-
  • Scheduled Psychological evaluations and therapy sessions for those in need.
  • Genetic assessment- individualised
  • Performance Enhancement suggestions- Biomechanical advice
  • Comprehensive Medical Assessment
  • Which completes the necessary requirements and is exactly the need of the hour.