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Vision and Mission


To enable easy and sure access to state of the art comprehensive treatment methods in Neurology, Neurosurgery and Mental health to every needy person with Neurological illness, round the clock.


To develop into a centre of excellence in Neurosciences , integrating knowledge, skills and technology delivered with professionalism, compassion and medical ethics


Concept of disease and its management by scientific evidences and proofs is unquestionably preferred over treatment based on “personal preferences and opinions“, provided the scientific evidence is both strong and trustworthy.

The management of critically ill patients , particularly in serious and life threatening issues involving major organs like Brain is being increasingly influenced by set algorithms, protocols backed by heavy dependence on advanced technology.

Same disease producing a critical illness in Neurology is almost never exactly similar in any two patients with regard to clinical presentation, natural history or management. Clinical judgement in the recognition and treatment of any Neurological illness therefore remains of supreme importance.

We at Neuro foundation have embraced clinical knowledge and technology completely to offer the top of the line treatment for every single individual afflicted with Neurological illness