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Comprehensive Care for Memory and Intellectual Impairments (Dementia)

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Memory and intellectual impairments, particularly dementia, pose significant challenges for individuals and their families. At Neuro Foundation, we recognize the profound impact of these conditions and provide specialized care through our state-of-the-art dementia clinic. Our multidisciplinary team, consisting of neurologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and rehabilitation experts, is dedicated to offering comprehensive evaluations and personalized management strategies for patients living with dementia.
Understanding Dementia

Dementia encompasses a range of cognitive impairments that interfere with daily functioning and quality of life. It is characterized by progressive deterioration in memory, thinking, behavior, and the ability to perform everyday tasks. Common types of dementia include Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, Lewy body dementia, and frontotemporal dementia, each with its unique presentation and underlying pathology.

Comprehensive Evaluations

When you visit our dementia clinic, our expert team conducts a thorough evaluation to assess cognitive function, identify the type and stage of dementia, and evaluate potential contributing factors. This comprehensive assessment may include a detailed medical history, cognitive assessments, neurological examinations, brain imaging studies (such as MRI or CT scans), and laboratory tests to rule out reversible causes of cognitive decline.

Personalized Management Strategies

Once a diagnosis of dementia is confirmed, our team works closely with patients and their families to develop personalized management strategies tailored to their specific needs and preferences. Treatment plans may include medication management to alleviate symptoms and slow disease progression, behavioral interventions to address challenging behaviors, cognitive stimulation therapy, and caregiver support and education programs.

Holistic Approach to Care

At Neuro Foundation, we believe in taking a holistic approach to dementia care, addressing not only the medical aspects of the condition but also the emotional, social, and functional needs of patients and their caregivers. Our interdisciplinary team collaborates closely to ensure that patients receive comprehensive support and access to a range of services, including psychological counseling, social work assistance, and occupational therapy.

Empowering Patients and Families

Living with dementia can be challenging, but our goal at Neuro Foundation is to empower patients and their families to navigate the journey with confidence and dignity. Through education, support, and compassionate care, we strive to enhance the quality of life for individuals affected by dementia and promote a sense of well-being and independence for as long as possible.

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