Safe removal of brain tumour through minimally invasive surgery

Brain tumours are difficult to remove. There is a fine balance that has to be struck between how much of the tumour can be safely removed and how much should be left in order to maintain functionality. Today advanced minimally invasive surgeries provide the safest way to remove maximum tumour tissue allowing surgeons to provide the most effective tumour treatment that preserves maximum functionality.

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Keyhole surgery for brain and skull base tumours

The skull base is a critical area and a tumour in this area will affect several critical functions. Removing a tumour in this part of the brain is extremely difficult. Minimally invasive surgery is the one of the safest methods for removing tumours in this area. This technique uses smaller more precise openings to reach the tumours. Very little brain is exposed and manipulation of brain tissue is minimal. This minimises damage to scalp, brain, blood vessels and nerves.
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Endoscopic endonasal surgery for brain tumours

The Endoscopic Endonasal Approach (EEA) is an innovative surgical technique used to remove brain tumours and lesions—some as large as softballs—all through the nose.

With EEA, surgeons reach tumours and lesions of the skull base and top of the spine directly by operating through the nose and sinuses. A specially designed endoscope provides light and a lens allows transmitting and viewing internal images. Highly crafted instruments are used alongside the endoscope for dissection and tumor removal.

An endoscope reaches parts of the brain that are difficult to reach through traditional surgery. As there is no large incision and no part of the skull is removed, the recovery is quicker and less painful.

Minimally invasive brain tumour surgeries are very difficult and demand a very high level of skill. Our team of neurosurgeons specialise in these surgeries and determine the most suitable method to be followed based on the type of tumour and its location in the brain. Our aim is to remove as much of the tumour as safely possible while helping the patient retain maximum function of the body and the mind.

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