Trauma Surgery

Trauma surgery

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Trauma surgery at Neuro Foundation Hospital encompasses a wide range of advanced surgical techniques aimed at treating complex injuries and fractures. Our goal is to provide optimal care that ensures the best possible recovery for patients suffering from traumatic injuries. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and minimally invasive methods, our skilled orthopedic surgeons offer comprehensive solutions that promote faster rehabilitation and improved outcomes.

Trauma Surgery

Functional Limb Salvage Surgery

Functional limb salvage surgery is crucial for patients with complicated open limb fractures. This surgery aims to preserve as much function and length of the limb as possible, often involving the use of advanced fixation techniques and reconstructive procedures to ensure optimal recovery and functionality.

Biological, Minimal Access Fixation of Major Bony Injuries

Biological fixation techniques prioritize minimal access to reduce tissue damage and promote natural healing. These methods are employed for major bony injuries, ensuring stability and alignment while facilitating faster recovery through less invasive approaches.

Ilizarov Ring Fixator Application

The Ilizarov ring fixator is a versatile external fixator used for complex fractures and deformity corrections. This device allows for precise adjustment and stabilization of bones, promoting effective healing in cases of severe fractures, non-unions, and limb length discrepancies.

Computer-Assisted Taylor Spatial Frame Application

The Taylor Spatial Frame is a computer-assisted external fixator used for correcting complex fractures and deformities. This device uses a hexapod system to make precise, multidirectional adjustments, enabling accurate realignment of bones and effective treatment of challenging orthopedic conditions.

JESS Fixator in Hand, Foot, and Pediatric Fractures

The JESS (Joshi External Stabilization System) fixator is specifically designed for the treatment of fractures in the hand, foot, and pediatric patients. This minimally invasive external fixation system provides stable fracture management while allowing for early mobilization and functional recovery.

Pelvic and Acetabulum Fracture Fixation

Pelvic and acetabulum fractures are often complex and require specialized surgical techniques for proper fixation. Our team employs advanced methods to stabilize these fractures, ensuring proper alignment and healing while minimizing complications.

Revision Surgery in Infected and Failed Fixation Procedures

Revision surgery is performed to address complications from previous fixation procedures, such as infections or failed fixations. This involves removing infected or failed hardware, addressing the underlying issues, and re-fixating the bone using appropriate techniques to ensure successful healing and restoration of function.

The trauma surgery team at Neuro Foundation Hospital is dedicated to providing comprehensive and advanced care for patients with complex fractures and traumatic injuries. Through the use of state-of-the-art techniques and personalized treatment plans, we strive to achieve the best possible outcomes, ensuring rapid recovery and a return to normal life. Our commitment to excellence and innovation in trauma care positions us as leaders in the field of orthopedic surgery.

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