Department of Neuro Surgery

Why our Neuro Surgeons are Best?

Our Neuro Surgeons excel with over 20 years expertise and vast knowledge in neurosurgery. Renowned for precise diagnoses and innovative treatments, they ensure optimal patient care and outcomes, making them leaders in their field.

Precision Surgery
Minimally Invasive
Integrated Care


Welcome to Neuro Foundation's Neurosurgery Department, where cutting-edge technology meets compassionate expertise. Our department, led by seasoned senior consultants with over 15 years of experience, is dedicated to providing comprehensive care for a wide range of neurosurgical conditions. With state-of-the-art facilities and a commitment to excellence, we strive to deliver the highest standard of care to our patients.
Understanding Disc Herniation in Lumbar & Cervical Regions :

Disc herniation, a common spinal issue, occurs when the soft, jelly-like material within the spinal discs protrudes through a tear in the outer layer, often due to sudden force or repeated stress. This can lead to symptoms such as sciatica or limb weakness. Rest, NSAIDs, and timely medical consultation are crucial for management.

Epilepsy Surgery Expertise :

Our distinguished epilepsy surgery program boasts a multidisciplinary team of specialists dedicated to investigating and treating epilepsy comprehensively. Diagnostic procedures include neurological examination, MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), and X-ray, guiding surgical decisions when symptoms exacerbate or bed rest proves ineffective.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery :

Harnessing state-of-the-art techniques like endoscopy and microscopy, we specialize in minimally invasive procedures for various spinal conditions. Key procedures include endoscopic discectomy, microsurgical discectomy, spinal instrumentation, fusion, and endoscopic surgery for spondylosis.

Specialized Care for Various Spine Conditions :
  • Spinal Tumors : Precision microsurgery for tumor removal, ensuring minimal tissue disruption and optimal outcomes.
  • Spine Injury : Comprehensive treatment for traumatic spinal cord injuries, integrating medical management, surgery, and rehabilitation.
  • Scoliosis & Kyphosis : Expert management of abnormal spinal curvature, focusing on mobility improvement and quality of life enhancement.
  • Cranio Vertebral Junction (CVJ) Disorders : Thorough evaluation and management of complex anatomical anomalies at the CVJ, ensuring patient well-being.
  • Vascular Malformations : Diagnosis and treatment of congenital vascular anomalies, including venous malformation (VM) and lymphatic malformations (LM), prioritizing patient safety and effective intervention.

Welcome to our Spine Surgery Department, where patient care is paramount, and advanced surgical solutions are tailored to individual needs. With a commitment to minimally invasive techniques and collaborative care, we strive to empower patients to regain mobility and lead fulfilling lives.

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